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  • LEOcoin is digital "cash"
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  • no specialised knowledge required

The new LEOcoin ERC20 token is here

The new LEOcoin ERC20 token is powered by the Ethereum platform, with thousands of nodes to support the protocol and provide consensus and security.

LEOcoin members can now use any wallet (desktop or mobile) that is capable of handling Ethereum and ERC20 tokens.

Some wallet suggestions

Atomic: wallet for desktop computers and Android (https://atomicwallet.io)

Trust: wallet for Android and iOS (https://trustwallet.com/)

MEW: (MyEtherWallet, https://www.myetherwallet.com/)

The Upgrade page (https://upgrade2erc20.leocoin.org) to the new ERC20 LEOcoin was available from early March 2019 and was completed September 24th, 2019. All registered LEOcoin members received multiple notifications about the upgrade throughout that period and the majority of previous LEOcoins were upgraded.

For LEO members

All the LEOcoins in your LEO back-office account were automatically upgraded to the new LEOcoin ERC20 token.

External Exchanges

The new LEOcoin token is traded on LIVEcoin, TopBTC, Bit-Z. All the external exchanges have already upgraded to the new ERC20 LEOcoin token. If you had any LEOcoins in your account on any of these exchanges, they are now upgraded to the new LEOcoin.

Before any LEOcoin transfers to an exchange, make sure that exchange is accepting the new LEOcoin tokens. To be certain, you should go to the exchange’s appropriate Deposit area, and check whether they list LEOcoin there in its full name (not just as LEO, as it could be the Unus Sed Leo token from Bitfinex). Once you have that checked, the exchange will have to provide you with an Ethereum address send your LEOcoins to, that starts with ‘0x’, that is specifically for LEOcoin deposits and not just for Ethereum (ETH).


The LEOcoin ERC20 token Contract address is 0xf97b5d65Da6b0468b90D531ddae2a69843e6797d. You may need it to add the LEOcoin token to Ethereum wallets capable of working with ERC20 tokens (like the official Ethereum wallet, Atomic wallet and more). CAUTION: this contract address is NOT to be used for transactions, only to add the token in supporting wallets.

Your Ethereum wallet will need to have some Ethereum (ETH) in it, to be able to make LEOcoin token transactions, just like any other Ethereum token does. Even less than 0.01 ETH will suffice to begin with. In short, you need some "Gas" in your Ethereum address. You can learn more about Ethereum "Gas" here https://kb.myetherwallet.com/gas/what-is-gas-ethereum.html.

To check for your LEOcoin tokens in your address, you need to open https://etherscan.io/token/0x5f6bb53f9e01836d8394d340d5d69b8887e2f1d7?a=YourEthereumAddress by replacing the YourEthereumAddress with your Ethereum address.

Every wallet has its own security and backup system. ALWAYS backup your wallet passphrases, word seed, password, whatever your preferred wallet uses for security backup BEFORE using it or any transactions.

You should always make sure to use the latest version of ANY wallet in which you are holding your LEOcoin tokens. Please always make sure that no matter which ERC20 capable wallet you use to hold your LEOcoins, it is at all times updated to the latest version, especially if it is a desktop wallet (Windows, MAC, Linux) like the Atomic wallet, as web wallets and Android & iOS wallets update automatically, like MyEtherWallet and Trust wallet. For desktop wallets (like the Atomic Wallet), you should be checking their official website for regular updates.

The LEOcoin value presented in some wallets or websites could be misleading, as some have trouble distinguishing between the original LEOcoin (LEO, which is available since mid-2014) and the very new Unus Sed Leo token created by Bitfinex exchange (created in May 2019). Accurate rates can be found on the exchanges that trade the original LEOcoin.

LEOcoin’s value is not controlled by LEO. As most known cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and more, the value is set at any time according to the available supply and demand in the various money markets (exchanges).



LEOcoin has the highest grade of security
Once the payments are made you need not worry about chargebacks.

User Friendly


LEOcoin does not require specialised knowledge
LEOcoin is an efficient way to send money to family and friends and/or paying for products and services worldwide, much simpler then the online banking we all know.

About LEOcoin

LEOcoin is an established digital currency that allows individuals to make fast and secure transactions through a decentralised peer-to-peer network. It's digital cash and works without the need for bank or transfer fees. Supported by a large community of established and aspiring entrepreneurs, LEOcoin has great potential for rapid growth and expansion. Based on a total Proof of Stake system, it is Accessible to everyone, it's easy to use and available today.

Holder's Reward

The LEOcoin Holder's Reward is a new rewarding mechanism for all the LEOcoin token holders. You may learn more about it and register here: https://reward.leocoin.org. This page allows the user to register his LEOcoin token address to participate in the "LEOcoin Holder's Reward" (LHR) and also to stay updated about its transactions and rewards.

More details are available in the Holder's Reward guide, available under Guides in the top menu.

Table of Rewards and Requirements for LHR

Users that want to participate in "LEOcoin Holder's Reward" must own a minimum amount of 1,000 (one thousand) LEOcoins on a specific LEOcoin token address. The Reward returns depend on the number of LEOcoin tokens you hold in that address. The system will be keeping daily snapshots of your total LEOcoin tokens in your address throughout the month. Your Reward will be calculated based on the average of all these snapshots. The "LEOcoin Holder's Reward" will be credited after the first five (5) working days of each month to your LEOcoin token address.

Table of rewards

Amount of LEOcoin Percentage (monthly) Examples (monthly) Percentage (yearly) Examples (yearly)
0 – <1000 0% 0 0% 0
1000 - <5000 0,7974% 1000 → 1007,974 10% 1000 → 1100
5000 - <50.000 1,1715% 5000 → 5058,575 15% 5000 → 5750
50.000 or more 1,5309% 50.000 → 50.765,45 20% 50.000 → 60.000

Our vision

LEOcoin is a big idea. It is designed to be a world currency and the currency of choice for entrepreneurs.
We combine development skills, International infra-structure, real world entrepreneurial know how, a Global network and user base, and a Global Vision in our DNA, creating a platform for growth second to none.

Let's get started

Easy steps to start with LEOcoin

  • 1
  • Download the wallet

    To begin, you'll need an Ethereum wallet to store your LEOcoins in that is capable of working with [email protected] tokens. Suggestions: Atomic, Trust, or MEW wallets

  • 2
  • Get LEOcoins

    Once you have a wallet, you can get LEOcoins from digital currency exchanges like LIVEcoin, TopBTC or Bit-Z. Once you have 1,000 or more LEOcoin tokens in your wallet, you can get from 10% to 20% per annum if you register your address for the LEOcoin Holder's Reward.

  • 3
  • Spend your LEOcoins

    Now that you've got some LEOcoins you can do some shopping at online and retail merchants.

  • 4
  • Join the community

    Become part of the LEOcoin family by joining our growing community. We are a dedicated, positive and friendly bunch, made up of users, merchants, and developers.

LEOcoin's Development Team

LEOcoin was developed by the LEOcoin Foundation, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, you can find out more about the LEOcoin Foundation here: LEOcoinFoundation.org